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What’s Different About Working with MBS?

Ken has built his entire career on a basis of establishing trusted relationships with his customers, with over 20 years of experience in Healthcare, including 18 years in ophthalmology. Networking and bridge building are the cornerstones of Ken’s success, with relationships extending throughout the corporate world as well as the doctors they serve. As an experienced operator in the space, Ken is also aware of the importance of recognizing when particular subject matter expertise is needed and has a well-developed network of collaborators who can be brought in for specific needs.

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At MBS, we recognize that you have dedicated your life to building your business, now it’s time to realize the value. The passion and purpose that has brought you to this point should be shared by the partner you choose to guide you through your next steps. Mauch Business Solutions (MBS) is that partner.

Ken Mauch, principal of MBS, has enjoyed a long career with experience representing clients in a wide range of activities, including over 20 years in the ophthalmology and medical manufacturing industries. He has represented clients in a spectrum of markets including private medical practices, universities, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), corporate accounts, the U.S. military, private equity groups and private investors.

Ken’s success is based on the principles of trust and transparency, and the enduring relationships he has built throughout his career. With this combination of network and experience, MBS is in a unique position to assist business owners of many backgrounds looking to sell their business.

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Learn about the market activity, private equity and valuation opportunities related to your practice.


Identify strategic options that align with the goal of your practice.


Benefit from guidance, experience and vision throughout every step of the process.


Have proper representation and expertise to achieve desirable outcomes.


Exit Planning Strategy

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Are you considering a future exit from your business? It’s never too early to start the process of planning how and when to make your move. At the first stages of the process, you need expert advice and guidance to ensure your eventual exit is as successful as possible. MBS can provide long-term strategy to maximize your future value by outlining a clear path to success.

Value Optimization

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System improvements, increased value-added services, patient testimonials, heightened online presence, and many other possibilities are available when considering practice value optimization. As every practice is unique, it is imperative that you work with someone who can identify the individual aspects with opportunity for optimization. The resources available within MBS will ensure your practice is positioned as effectively as possible when entering into the valuation process.

Succession Planning

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The satisfaction of building something of value is second only to handing that legacy on to future generations. Whether you are a solo practice owner or part of a larger group, building and executing a strategy that navigates the succession process will serve to maximize the outcome for all involved. If you are in a position to contemplate succession, MBS will work with you to ensure maximum value is passed on to your successors, while providing a visible roadmap of stability for your personnel.

Private Equity or Investment Banking Options

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When considering a transaction for your business, navigating the landscape of financial options can be daunting. MBS will walk you through all of the possible sources of funding, advise on the best options for your individual circumstances, and provide access to those sources.

Opinion of Value for Practice

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Providing an accurate valuation of your business is the cornerstone of a successful transaction. Many factors contribute to this process, and matching buyer and seller expectations is a key component to success. MBS provides an objective, data-driven approach to derive the maximum valuation for your practice, as well as advising on areas where steps can be taken to increase potential value ahead of a transaction. The next step is the preparation of an Offering Memorandum, a detailed documentation of your business from inception to present day, illustrating both its present value as well as growth opportunities. MBS provides a full service to deliver an Offering Memorandum.

Buy in For Partners

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Your business was built by a team of like-minded individuals working together. When considering a transaction with multiple stakeholders, MBS provides the support and guidance needed to gain consensus among your partners and to focus everyone on the same goal - a successful outcome for all involved.

Bringing Technology (Patent) From Concept to Commercialization

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MBS is experienced in facilitating Intellectual Property (IP) and technology development. Performing due diligence, determining prospective value, and connecting the dots through the process are all crucial to early-stage success. If you have a compelling idea and need guidance on how to take it forward, MBS has the knowledge and resources to expedite the process as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Acquisitions and/or Mergers

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Are you considering growing your business through acquisition? Is there an opportunity for like-minded groups to come together in a mutually beneficial transaction? When contemplating a significant growth opportunity, you need a partner to guide you through the process and provide objective guidance in reaching the best outcome for all concerned. MBS is ideally placed to be that partner.


Bernard Milstein, MD

In the past 18 years, Ken Mauch has helped me start, run, and end practices; and he has been invaluable in each instance. He provided real help in acquiring two LASIK lasers and guided me through the dissolution of one practice and the creation of another. His advice was excellent.

We live in a rapidly changing healthcare world and the number of options and opportunities available are increasing exponentially. As physicians, I believe it demands that we have a knowledgeable strategic partner helping us with these decisions. Ken has been that man for me. I have introduced him to several other physicians who have been equally impressed.

Jay Bansal, MD

Ken brings a unique source of knowledge and experience to the world of Mergers and Acquisitions. I have known Ken for 20 years and his number 1 priority has always been his customer, his honesty and transparency though out the process has allowed me to have a true consultant shepherding me through the array of opportunities. I have sought Ken's advice many times as I navigate the myriad of technology device choices I need to make for my practice.

Rex Hamilton, MD, FACSD

Ken has been instrumental in helping me navigate the world of Mergers and Acquisitions. His 20 years of experience in the Ophthalmology field has brought a unique depth of knowledge regarding the historical background of the different entities in the marketplace. The extent of his knowledge and breadth of connections in the business of ophthalmology is unmatched!